Axim  houses so many historical places like the first bank in west Africa, George Paa Grant’s apartment , the timber factory built by Kwame nkrumah and the only lighthouse in the middle of the sea in Ghana and beyond. Among these notable places is the Quandahor building in the heart of the axim township. It is a few walks away from the fort antonio which was built in 1515 by the Portuguese.

Axim is a coastal town and the capital of Nzema East Municipal district, a district in Western Region of Ghana. Axim is occupied by the people of nzema who speak a mixture of English, fante and largely the nzema language among other local languages.

The first storybuiding in Axim


History has it that the first story building in Axim was built in 1923. That means the building is a few years from being a 100 years old. It was owned by a very rich man who was a timber contractor. His name wa quandahor.  Hence the name of the building is Quandahor building.

The building of the story building was a mystery. It was covered during the time it was being built. When it was completed, people were amazed to find it there.  It was so beautiful that people were falling from staring at it hence. It attracted the name “hw3 na mpoli” meaning look so you don’t fall. This was beacause a lot of people were falling as a result of staring at it too much.


What is contains 

According to the carerakers of the building  kwame Nkrumah used to visit and stay for some days in the quandahor building whenever he visited axim during his time as a president. The building contains several room filled with books, furniture and other relics.

From the structure of the building to the furniture used as decoration, everything in the building is of very high quality. There are two timber chairs inside the building which are as old as the building itself but has not seen any decay.


My concern

My only concern is the state of the building.  Its still very strong after almost a 100 years of its existence.  The maintenance hasn’t been great from what I did see. And I believe a lot can be done to restructure or rebuild it into a national tourist site.

Axim is a beautiful town which can serve a national interest if properly planned. It has so many abandoned sites and places of history which can drive the tourism of this country forward.



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