In recent times, many Ghanaians especially the youth have lost touch with the tenets of Ghanaian folklore. A lot of Ghanaians are unaware of the role folklore plays in the development of a nation.  Knowledge of folklore is pivotal to Ghana’s development.

And as such the national folklore Board (NFB), a state agency under the ministry of tourism, arts and culture has been established. It is empowered by the copyright act 2005 (Act 690) and is mandated to administer, register, promote and protect Ghanaian expressions of folklore on behalf of the president and for the people of Ghana.In addition to that, it is important to note the NFB is tasked by law to ensure that Ghana is duly compensated for the unauthorized use of her folklore. Any person who uses an expression of folklore outside the authorized scope must be granted authorization (at a fee) by the NFB.

Folklore is an integral part of the identity of a nation. It determines the economic, social and political outlook of a country therefore knowledge of it by both young and old is essential. The laws of Ghana define folklore as the “literary, artistic and scientific expressions belonging to the cultural heritage of Ghana which are created, preserved and developed by ethnic communities of Ghana or by an unidentified Ghanaian author”.

Ghanaian folklore includes a variety of music, dance, art, names, signs and symbols, performances, ceremonies, architectural forms, handicrafts and narratives and many other artistic and cultural expressions.

Activities of the National Folklore Board

The national folklore Board  has launched various activities to promote their agenda.  These activates are geared towards involving Ghanaians and reawakening their interests in our folklore and our rich culture. Some of the programs are

  1. Ghana Vi

Ghana Vi campaign is an initiative designed to bring folklore closer to the youth. The idea is to have Ghanaian celebrities involved in teaching our folklore in exciting ways. The campaign targets the fans of these celebrities. Each of these celebrities will present on a specific aspect of folklore; food, norms, rites, stories, festivals, fashion and many others.

  1. Anasesem Ghana

It is a flagship educative and entertaining initiative by the NFB to discuss various folk stories that have been orally transmitted and communicated in the rich history and culture of our country. It will involve individuals and celebrities uploading videos of themselves narrating a story that has been told to them. Children will be asked to get stories from their grandparents or an elderly person and retell them. There will be a night by the fireside filled with traditional storytelling, games, proverbs competition amidst traditional drinks and food.

  1. Sankofa TV

The TV Series will give children the opportunity to learn about folk stories, play traditional games, and learn traditional songs and dance. There will also be panel sessions with resource persons, to explain aspects of our folklore to the children.

  1. Living Legends

Documentation of the lives and achievements of some notable Ghanaian folk personalities and a national concert will be held to honor them.

5. Folklore Clubs

The agency seeks to establish folklore clubs nationwide to teach children the ethics and morals of the Ghanaian child through storytelling sessions, arts and crafts and performing arts. The clubs will be an avenue to expose children to the social and developmental gains of folklore and sensitize children to aspire to be cultural practitioners and creative artists at an early age in order to promote Ghana’s culture.


A whole lot of other amazing activities are included such as Mefiri Ghana,Buronya fun fair, and the famous did you know series.

With these amazing programs under the umbrella of the  board, there is no doubt that the general public will be sensitized about our rich heritage and the importance in nation building. The participation of the general public is highly recommended to make these activities a memorable one



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