There is one thing about going to different places outside our own. It helps broadens our perspective and exposes us to things we didn’t know. It narrows our sterotypes and helps us form deep meaningful relationships with people of different backgrounds.

I am determined to learn outside my own and move outside my comfort zone. I love to travel around to different places in Ghana. I believe there is so much history in Ghana and it is the duty of the young Ghanaian to document it the best ways possible so that future generations can have a chance at knowing our history and culture.

About Axim

My recent travel and tour led me to the local town of Axim. It is a coastal town and the capital of Nzema East Municipal district, a district in Western Region of Ghana. Axim is occupied by the people of nzema who speak a mixture of English, fante and largely the nzema language among other local languages.

Among other things there  is a hospital in town, a commercial bank and a 10 year old Axim Girls senior high school .  The economy is based on fishing, subsistence farming, and government services.

Axim is near Ivory Coast to the west, and the nearest substantial city, Takoradi, is about a one-hour or two-hour drive to the east. Axim is home to sub-Saharan Africa’s second oldest fort, and its main attractions are its beaches, its rich history and culture, and the architectural diversity of its buildings.

Ordinary Axim folks work hard. They mostly cook with wood or charcoal over a small pit. They pound their fufu. The wider area supports agriculture.

Rubber, palm and timber plantations also abound in the area.


Notable Places to see

Among other notable places to see in Axim is the fort antonio which is situated in the middle of the Axim township. History has it that it was built by the dutch in 1515 as a centre for trading gold, timber, cotton and mostly slaves.

The fort houses historical peices from slave traders and slaves and its a must see for every tourist.

The Lou Moon Lodge is located right on the beach in Axim.

The sea and beaches

If you have never seen a beach or a sea which is highly unlikely but Axim is a place with an abundance of beaches and small islands. The sea is clear and the islands are unique places for relaxation and leisure .


The first storybuiding in Axim

History has it that the first story building in Axim was built in 1923. It was owned by a very rich man who was a timber contractor. His name wa quandahor.  Hence the name of the building is Quandahor building.  It was so beautiful that people were falling from staring at it hence, it attracted the name “hw3 na mpoli” meaning look so you dont fall.

Axim also houses so many historical places like the first bank un west Africa, George Paa Grant’s apartment , the timber factory built by Kwame nkrumah and the only lighthouse in the middle of the sea in Ghana and beyond.


I was determined to learn a bit of the language regardless of the fact that my stay was short. Their language fascinated me and I have always been determined to learn other ghanaian languages apart from my own.

Among a few of the things I was able to learn included their greetings and its various response.

Good morning
Ahye oo. 3ya oo

Good afternoon.
Maha oo. 3ya oo

Good evening
Anlu oo. 3ya oo

It is also essential to be able to ask of someone’s wellbeing.  It shows care and thoughfulness. And so I also learnt how to ask about people’s wellbeing in their local dialect which goes like this

How are you: W) akp)k3 Nu 3.

By God’s grace/ I am fine: Nyame adom or b3t33.

Nelson Mandela said, If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.


The People

The people in axim are generally very welcoming people. Take my host for instance  he and his family welcomed me into their home even though I was a complete stranger and they treated me so well. Its common place to see people chatting and laughing in the streets as they passed.

Young people as young as 5 or 6 years old were being trained to fish and to swim and I was so fascinated because I still don’t know how to swim even though I’m very old.

Note to Tourists

Tourism isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to all some few places like kumasi and Accra. There is so much Ghana has to offer and every town or city has in it a lot of culture and history.

Axim is one of them. From beautiful beaches to resorts for relaxation and historical forts, Axim has so much to offer for the curious tourist .



Primary information from town folks

Photographs by Courage Kpodo

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