About Us

About us bibiwrites

Our Essence

Ghana is a beautiful place and there is so much to see, so much places to go and so much food to eat. on this blog I send you on a journey around Ghana. Bringing you quality and up to date information on history, practices, culture, and everything in between. You have come to the right place. again, there is a range of articles on lifestyle and how to’s to help you navigate through certain phases in life.


Our drive

we are passionate about telling the Ghanaian story. Promoting the image of Ghana and Africa to Ghanaians and Non Ghanaians. We are driven by quality, originality, resourcefulness and passion. We bring you up to date information on everything from business, to finance, to events and history and personal opinions.


Your Contribution

The catch is, we are in this together!! You can contribute and share your voice right here to inspire others. Have any beautiful article, opinion or view of Ghana to share?  Head to the submission page and put in your entry . Your voice matters and at bibiwrites we want to make sure its heard.


Our mission

To provide quality and accessible information for the Ghanaian from the Ghanaian. The internet is filled with information from different backgrounds. This is a blog that put the well being of Ghana and Ghanaians at heart. Projecting and promoting culture, music, food, places, events and history in Ghana.

Our Vision

To become a platform that encourages the contribution of the younger generation in decision making.  To give a voice to the youth to discuss and contribute to National development.




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