Ghana is a place of amazing culture and history . Beautiful places and sites and wonderful welcoming people. Being a tourist in Ghana is one of the best experiences because there are so many places to go.

One of such places with amazing beauty and history is the local town of axim in the western region of Ghana .

Axim is a coastal town and the capital of Nzema East Municipal district, a district in Western Region of Ghana. Axim is occupied by the people of nzema who speak a mixture of English, fante and largely the nzema language among other local languages.

A walk through axim will take you to different places of extraordinary beauty which will leave you wanting more.

In this article I have compiled a list of five must see places in Axim for all tourists and citizens.



1. Lou Moon Lodge

Lou Moon Lodge is an ultimate getaway for natural beauty  and exclusive comfort. Safe private swimming beach.

Lou Moon Lodge is located right on the beach. It offers a private beach area with a natural pool. The lodge is divided into the island and the mainland and it has its beauty and unique features for tourists.

2. Fort Antonio

Fort Antonio was built by the dutch in 1515 as a centre for trading gold, timber, cotton and mostly slaves.

The fort houses historical peices from slave traders and slaves and its a must see for every tourist.


3. (Bebo Arezi) Bobowasi Light House 

Lighthouses are towers, buildings, or other type of structures. Which are designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses. They are used as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea.

“The island where the light house is situated was initially a very thick forest. The light house at the time had not been built. It was believed that dwarfs were in the forest.

People were therefore  not allowed to go there. One day, a certain man by name, ‘Arezi’ went there nicodemously to look at what was there.

It is believed that he was mercilessly beaten by the dwarfs. He could not go back home that day because of the way he was beaten. The next day, his people went to search for him.

They found him alive but very weak because of the beatings. They said ‘Bebo Arezi‘ (Nzema) which literally means ‘they have beaten Arezi’, hence the name of the island ‘Bebo Arezi’.

Source: itourghana

4. The First Storey building in Axim


History has it that the first story building in Axim was built in 1923. That means the building is a few years from being a 100 years old. It was owned by a very rich man who was a timber contractor. His name wa quandahor.  Hence the name of the building is Quandahor building.

It was so beautiful that people were falling from staring at it hence. It attracted the name “hw3 na mpoli” meaning look so you don’t fall. This was beacause a lot of people were falling as a result of staring at it too much.


5. Beaches and Islands

If you have never seen a beach or a sea which is highly unlikely but Axim is a place with an abundance of beaches and small islands. The sea is clear and the islands are unique places for relaxation and leisure .

There are several small islands with rocks and clear water. Dense vegetation covers these islands to give it a very unique outlook.

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