The year of return has created a significant buzz in a lot of industries in Ghana. Particularly the creative arts industry and the tourism industry. A lot of projects and contents including music festivals, events and cultural movements have been initiated to make the year of return a success.

The Ghana  movie industry over the years have suffered a decline. Most Ghanaians are okay with consuming foriegn contents compared to their local content . Their reasons may be valid. However the year of return is not just about the diaspora coming to Ghana. It is also about Ghana going back to all the things we left behind that is ours . It is about supporting our own and finding ways to solve our own problems instead of complaining all the time.

I was so excited when I heard about the remake of the perfect picture because it had been an industry favorite when it was released back in 2009 . I believe this is the buzz we need to revive our movie industry. Not long ago in September 2 great movies made by Ghanaians were considered for a golden globe and academy award.

This article talks about two great movies to watch out for in this year of return. It is our duty to push our country forward in any way we can. Let us all support these movies when they come out by going to cinema’s to watch them.


1. The perfect picture 10 years later 

Perfect picture


The perfect picture 10 years later brings back the original cast from 2009. It is one of the highly anticipated movies of the season.  The original film was about three women pushing their thirties and making bold attempts to change their lives, but destiny had other plans for them. Now in the sequel, the ladies are back, this time pushing their forties.  Even though they are older and wiser, they realise that now they are saddled with more issues including their not so fairy-tale relationships.

Fans of the original will be excited to see the returning cast which includes Lydia Forson (Dede), Jackie Appiah (Aseye). Naa Ashorkor, Chris Attoh (Larry), Mensah-Doku (Akasi), Joselyn Dumas (Flora), Adjetey Anang (Fella), John Dumelo (Taylor), and Kwaku Sintim-Misa (Doctor Biney).  There are also a group of new characters to add to the story including Richard Mofe-Damijo (Sam),  Beverly Naya (Samantha), Anita Erskine (Angela), Gideo Okeke (Yobanna), Gloria Sarfo (Susanna) and Raphael Boakye (Nigel).


The movie which was originally released in 2009 follows three women.  Portraying what seems like an ideal life, The Perfect Picture follows three beautiful young women as they make bold attempts to change their lives even when destiny plays its joke on them. They will learn the harsh lessons of life, the challenges of marriage and the fatality of falling in love.

The movie was premiered on 1st december at Labadi beach hotel and will be in cinema’s from 14th december.


2. Joseph

Joseph is an African-carribean film featuring actors from Ghana, Jamaica and Barbados. It explores the life of a Jamaican Ghanaian who went through a series of life twists and turns out making the life changing trip across the Atlantic to Ghana.


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